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Why FlipIt?

Our current food system has got it backwards.

Our reliance on meat and dairy to feed the world is doing exactly the opposite: it’s killing the earth, putting humans’ and animals’ health at risk, and destroying communities.

With a projected 10 billion of us living on earth by 2050, using our cropland to feed animals rather than growing food directly for humans isn’t sustainable. Right now, each American eats about 90 chickens a year—that’s not gonna fly on a hot and crowded planet.

The good news is that the flip to plant-centered eating is already happening in a million different ways. It’s probably happening in your community already! We will one day reach a tipping point where plant-centered eating is the new normal—but to get there faster, we need to tell these stories. We need to let each other know that we’re not alone… in fact, we’re part of an influential movement that grows bigger every day.

A better future for all of us requires better food. And it starts on your plate.

So, why FlipIt?


Inclusivity and anti-racism

Everyone eats plant-based foods


Connecting with our roots

Every culture has a history of embracing plant-based foods


Health & wellbeing

Everything we care about is connected to the food we eat