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How to FlipIt

Flip Your Plate

Why did “meat and two veg” become the standard for a normal meal?

Who made those rules? It probably wasn’t someone thinking about climate change or the heart disease epidemic! The good news is that we can rewrite the rule-book every time we eat a meal! Here’s a few simple habits to put plants back in the center of our food culture, where they belong.


Serve plant-based main courses, and relegate animal products to side-dishes or garnishes (if you serve them at all!)

Any time an ingredient can be plant-based, swap it out! From the milk in your coffee to the butter and eggs in your baked goods, use plant-based alternatives as the default—most of the time, your guests won’t even be able to tell the difference!

Make your vegetables delicious! Get creative with your plant-based cooking—there is no need to say goodbye flavor and fun! Plants provide endless possibilities.

Flip Your Mind

In order to change our eating habits, we can start by changing our thinking habits.

Here are a few of the books and movies that have helped us flip our minds, got us questioning what is “normal,” and imagining a delicious new world.

Flip Your Community

When you serve food in your community, you’re not just feeding people, you’re shaping food culture!

For a few easy ways to flip food culture that impact tens, hundreds, or thousands of people at a time, try going DefaultVeg. DefaultVeg helps people turn their events veg-by-default, using simple “behavioral nudges” that gently guide people to choose plant-based foods, even if they usually eat animal products!

Get Inspired

How does culture change? One story at a time!

From the founder of Los Angeles’ first vegan food bank to a Rabbi showing what it means to be kosher in the modern world, we’re telling the stories of people who have already flipped their own food and are now flipping food norms—and changing lives—in their communities.